A Summer of Challenges – Buckets, Books, and Billy Goat

#IceBucketChallenge Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a motor neuron disease, which severely affects muscular action and results in muscular atrophy. The challenge involved dousing oneself with a bucket of ice-cold water within 24… Continue reading

Which Team to Support? : A Noob’s Guide

The world’s most widely watched sporting event kicked off this afternoon. Controversies, protests, and satire notwithstanding, it can be difficult to appear uninterested (and disinterested) when everyone around you has been bitten by the… Continue reading

(Almost) Midsummer Ramblings

midsummer(noun) : a) the middle of summer. b) the summer solstice, around 21 June, in the Northern Hemisphere.  In less than twenty-four hours, the results of the world’s largest democratic exercise (missing names in voters’ lists… Continue reading

Quarters III & IV, 2013

Aestivation (noun) : prolonged torpor or dormancy of an animal during a hot or dry period. That describes the condition of this blog. The excuses are not unfamiliar – busy semester, lethargy, the… Continue reading

Why I did not watch the IPL Final

The title does not suggest anything sinister. The fixing controversy has done little to turn away a shameless fan like me away from the game. I could not watch the final for reasons… Continue reading

IPL VI – After 25 Matches

  The sixth edition of the Indian Premier League has seen changes in loyalties for a few players and support staff (Anil Kumble, Ross Taylor, Dirk Nannes, among others), insane amounts being spent… Continue reading

Spring 2013 in < 10000 Words

With the majority of us at home being involved in research largely of a theoretical nature, the closest we come to working in a lab is in our kitchen. Some of the more notable… Continue reading

Bengaluru, circa 2013

Long journeys have seldom failed to excite me, whether it was a 24-hour journey by train from Nagpur to Bangalore and back or the bus trips to and from Mumbai. This time, though,… Continue reading

The Homecoming Paradox

Over the last few days, a lot of people I know have been telling me that they were going ‘home’ during the winter vacation. When I was in school, vacations meant going out… Continue reading

Fall 2012 – In Review

With a lot of ‘reviews’ of the year gone by doing the rounds, I’m adding my two bits about the past semester. A combination of work and laziness has conspired to get something… Continue reading