My Rs.0.02 on Sachin Tendulkar

With Ricky Ponting announcing that he will be retiring after the Perth test, calls for SRT to retire have only grown louder. And quite a few people may be justified in calling for… Continue reading

Old Town, Alexandria; Masterchefs @ 9348, #720

Continuing with our excursions in and around D.C., we visited Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia a couple of weeks back. As the name suggests, it is the oldest part of the city of… Continue reading

Biking to D.C.; Independence Day Celebrations

It is quite rare that I wake up early on a weekend. A couple of weeks back, we decided to go to Lake Artemesia, around four miles from home. Manish, Ninad and I… Continue reading

Too Fast Off The Blocks – False Starts

At a multicultural institution like UMD, the (Summer) Olympics must rank as the most keenly followed sporting event. The ECE Students’ Association organized a (delayed) telecast of the opening ceremony, which was reasonably… Continue reading

Summer 2012

Sports drama For armchair critics like most of us, Indian sport provided a lot of things to talk about in the last month. First there was the tennis drama, where none of Mahesh… Continue reading

Ten Months and Counting….life so far in the U.S.

Most Indian students arrive with three pieces of luggage: two of them with clothes and one with utensils, ready-to-eat food and spices. Not being the most regular bather had its advantage here as… Continue reading

The Memorial Day Weekend

With around thirty Indian Ph.D. students in the ECE Department, it was a bit of a surprise that we had not hung out together except during the weekly coffee hours. To set right… Continue reading

Stray Talk

A couple of weeks back, some friends on facebook posted about Gangaram’s Book Bureau in Bangalore closing down/ relocating and how they were saddened about it and the likes. Honestly, I’ve never been… Continue reading

Thanksgiving and after…..

Looking at the time between the previous post and this one, it almost seems that I was in hibernation. Highlights of the last three months follow. Thanksgiving The four day Thanksgiving weekend was… Continue reading

Fall is falling, Goddard, Diwali….

Diwali at College Park was an extremely quiet affair – which I found quite pleasant. There is a Swaminarayan Temple here that had organized a function to celebrate Diwali. They provided dinner, which… Continue reading