A Foody Fortnight

The last two weeks have been heavy on experimenting with food, both inside and outside the house. On September 30, the ECE Grad Student Association organized a barbecue behind the department. The concept… Continue reading

Gameday, Chinese food at an Indian event and a buffet

A short while after putting up the previous post, we received a mail from the University asking us to block tickets for the football match versus West Virginia the following Saturday. Maryland had… Continue reading

Couldn’t think of a title for this post :P :P

The last week was one of the less colorful(note the absence of the ‘u’ :P) ones since I landed in the U.S.  Other than solving assignments and TA duties, real progress was made… Continue reading

Packed Lunch, Unpacked Furniture….the week gone by

After having lunch outside for most of last week, we decided to carry lunch to college from home this week. Monday morning blues meant that we took just cheese sandwiches- reminded me of… Continue reading

Irene Comes Home and Turns Off the Lights; D.C. Once More

All newspapers and television channels over the last week were going ballistic about the potential damage Hurricane Irene could cause. An Indian name would have been more appropriate- ‘she’ arrived a couple of… Continue reading

Desi in D.C.

The trip to D.C. was something we were all looking forward to for the last two days. We were scheduled to leave at 11:00. Before leaving, a person from the Office of International… Continue reading

The Day the Earth Shook

Quite an eventful day! Went early to college on the basis of a promise of free breakfast. There was an informal get-together of International students this morning. Had doughnuts, croissants and fruits with… Continue reading

द्वितीय सप्ताह – from Patel’s to Pita Bread via Appa’s style Khichdi

15 August: Independence Day was celebrated at College Park. Read about it in detail here. 16 August: All the effort standing for the photograph yesterday seemed to have paid off when I came… Continue reading

Vote of Thanks!

It’s been almost two weeks since I reached the U.S., and ideally this note should have been written before leaving India. Better late than never, though! Staying away from home for the last… Continue reading

Acknowledgement- Master’s Dissertation

Find below the Acknowledgement page of my Master’s Dissertation: I would like to thank my guide, Dr.Madhu Belur for his unstinting support and enthusiasm throughout the duration of this work. Numerous discussions with… Continue reading